Pharmacy Services


We dispense NHS and private prescriptions form doctors, dentists and vets within the UK. Some EU prescriptions may also be dispensed. In accordance with the highest standards, e keep confidential records of all prescription medicines supplied. Commonly needed medicins are available with only a minimum wait necessary. If an item has to be specially obtained, this may take up to 48 hours, but is usually much less.

All medicines are supplied inchild-resistant containers, unless otherwise requested.

To make it easier to remember which medicine to take when, we can supply your tablets in a special tray marked with the days of the week and the time of day. Please ask.


You can be sure to receive appropriate advice from an experienced and trained pharmacy assistant, or from a fully qualified pharmacist when you ask for it from us. This can cover the choice of over-the-counter medicines and related products, help with understanding the purpose and taking of prescription medicines, or suggestions of other useful sources of information. There is no need to make an appointment, and the discussion can be held in a confidential room if you prefer it.


Please check your stock of medicines regularly and bring those that you don’t need any more to us for safe disposal. This applies equally to prescription drugs as well as ones you’ve bought. We’ll be happy to advise on which should be destroyed and which may still be useful. This is a completely free service, and records (which are always confidential) about who has returned what are only kept in very few circumstances.


This embarrassing problem is becoming more common, so we keep a range of products to help those affected. Please ask to see what we have, in private if you prefer. We will do our best to obtain any other item which may particularly suit you.

Aids for the disabled

There are many specially made aids for the disabled on the market, and we can easily get many of them for you. Please ask to see a catalogue.