Traditional Remedies

We are regularly asked for:

Boric Acid Ointment

Also known as Boracic Ointment, this is a mild antiseptic ointment. It should not be used on large areas of broken skin, or at all on babies or young children.

Bengue’s Balsam

We make this to the original formula, and it is a help to many people with skin problems.


A well-established ointment suitable for soothing and healing a wide variety of minor cuts and abrasions. We make it to the traditional formula.

Basilicon Ointment

This preparation is helpful in drawing out splinters and similar foreign bodies lodged just below the surface of the skin.

Lion Ointment

This was originally made by Burgess and we use the same formula. Over the years, many have found it useful as an antiseptic and healing ointment in a variety of minor skin conditions.

Chilblain Ointment

This is made to our own formula, and has been much valued by customers for many years.

Feel free to consult us about any other ointments & remedies.